Electronic Reporting
Custodial Participant (CP) deals / OTR files

This facility allows members to execute institutional orders with a single custodial participant (CP) code and assign the respective custodial participant codes subsequent to execution.

For all orders executed on a given T day, members may give a break-up of obligations by different institutional clients latest by 6.30 p.m. on the same day. If a member fail to furnish the break up of the obligations by different clients, such obligations will be reverted to the member. Allocation to CP codes shall not be allowed thereafter and exposures and margins will be applicable with immediate effect.

  • Members must identify all such orders by a specifically designated CP code - 'INST'. Members may either place this designated CP code at the time of order entry or members can utilise the TM-CP file upload facility and send in a flat file to NSCCL at the end of each trading day.

  • This designated CP code can be used by members only for those institutional clients which are exempted from margins and exposure and members are advised to ensure strict compliance with the same.

  • Members who have executed trades using this CP code are provided with a data file at the end of each trading day. This file will contain settlement wise, security wise, obligation data based on the designated CP code placed by members. For detailed explanation on the file structure and its contents click here. These files are available in the extranet server in the respective member's area. Members can download these files from the extranet server. The files are placed in the following directory - < /Clearing/otr/dnld>.

  • Members must provide data files to NSCCL indicating the CP code to which the obligation is to be allocated, obligation quantity, obligation value and the contract note number. If a deal has been marked for a CP code it is mandatory to provide the contract note number. Members are required to send in the return files to the extranet server by 18:30 hours on T day. The files must be sent to the following directory - < /Clearing/otr/upld>.

  • All files received from members are processed and a return file sent to the members, also stating the status of processing of the record indicating success/reject and also the reason code in case of rejected records, specifying the reason for rejecting the record. These files are available in the extranet server in the respective member's area. Members can download these files from the extranet server. The files will be placed in the following directory - < /Clearing/otr/dnld>.

  • Members are requested to note the following procedure in case members are desirous of modifying the CP code at a later point of time. Members must send data files sending the original record quoting the otr no, quantity as 0 and value as 0. This shall indicate the nullification of the previous allocation. Modification requests not adhering to the above procedure will be rejected. Subsequently members can send in fresh records for allocation quoting the new CP code, obligation quantity and value. Members may either choose to send in fresh allocations in the same file or in a separate file. However members are advised to note that changes to the CP code are permissible only if the custodian has not already confirmed acceptance of the same.

  • The allocation information is communicated to the respective custodians at the end of each day for the purpose of confirming such requests. As and when a custodian confirms/rejects a record, such information is disseminated to the members as an information record to the members.

  • At the end of the time limit stipulated for custodial confirmations, records that have not been allocated to institutions, records that are rejected by custodians and records that are not responded by custodians shall be reverted to member obligations for settlement. All such cases shall also be subjected to margins/penalties etc. as per procedure. Records that are confirmed by custodians shall be custodians' obligations for settlement.

Custodial Participant Deals
  • Data files are generated by NSCCL at the end of each day for all the custodians indicating the CP code and other details.

  • Modifications to the CP code carried out by members will also be communicated to the custodians in these data files.

  • Custodians are required to confirm acceptance/reject the records within the stipulated confirmation period.

  • Custodians can choose to confirm these records through a screen or send in a data file for processing.

  • A return data file indicating the status of processing of the record is given to all the custodians.

  • For the file formats click here

  • This facility is in addition to the existing custodian confirmation mechanism.